‘J1Accom-Chicago’ you’re simply the best by Mairi Hanly

‘J1Accom-Chicago’ you’re simply the


best by Mairi Hanly

It’s true what they say that you don’t realise what you had until it’s over. This resonates deeply with my experience of the J1. Prior to going on the J1 I asked friends who had already done a J1 about their experiences, many told me that ‘’J1 is a life changing experience’’ and ‘’the J1 is just something you have to do in life’’. I can honestly say that these statements are no exaggeration and until you experience a J1 for yourself it is hard to fully comprehend what a J1 will bring to your life although I hope to give you a glimpse with my J1 experience.


Going back to the start, when planning the J1, I remember worrying about finding somewhere to stay that’s safe and affordable. The travel agencies are great for sorting out everything J1 related except accommodation. Another fear I shared along with many others about a J1, was spending an entire summer in a small, overcrowded house, sleeping on the floor and living out of a suitcase. This is where the J1Accom eliminates all of these obstacles allowing you to fully experience the J1 in a stress-free and comfortable environment. The J1Accom was recommended to me by a friend who had stayed there the previous year. I looked up the website and to my surprise I found that the J1Accom literally caters for everything. Just some of the benefits include a short-term lease, accessible public transport on your doorstep, free washing facilities, fully furnished bedrooms and kitchens.


If you have chosen your destination as Chicago, congratulations you are in for such a treat. Chicago is a beautiful city with a spectacular skyline and has the stunning Michigan river flowing through the city. Chicago has so much to offer including many free activities such as the movie in the park and the firework display on Navy Pier and different types of festivals throughout the summer. I cannot express how amazing the Chicago transport system (CTA) is, it is affordable, reliable and travels throughout Chicago. The location of the J1Accom is perfectly situated beside the train station 35th Bronzeville IIT. I worked in town and it took me between 15-20 mins maximum to get to work, which I really appreciated when I was late and hungover. It was only until travelling the rest of America and had to get lyft and uber everywhere, I realised how fortunate we were with the location of J1Accom in Chicago.


Staying at the J1Accom is a winner all round. It’s obvious that J1Accom has outstanding living facilities but for me the social aspect was simply unbeatable. I was slightly apprehensive before going on the J1 because I wasn’t travelling with a big group, there was just two of us. From the moment I arrived at J1Accom, the apprehensions diminished as friendships formed so naturally. For instance, you may be cooking sweet potato fries in the kitchen and no doubt there will be a friendly face hanging around. The communal living area was a great place to hang out and enjoy a few social beverages with friends. The J1 nightlife was unbelievable, especially the J1 themed nights, thanks to J1 Johnny. Although if I could go back for one night only, I would relive a night on the roof with all the gang. We would sit with a few cans of Four Loko and MC Pat Flynn playing, a couple hours later we would watch the sunrise while listening to a beautiful rendition of Celine Dion. I am forever grateful to the J1Accom as it has given me memories I will always treasure and friends I have made for life.


You’ve heard what I have to say, I suggest you go and find out for yourself why it’s ‘simply the best’. This is your opportunity, J1Accom-Chicago is waiting.