My J1 New York Experience with J1Accom/Hoyt Street by Kristine Brouder

This year I made the nerve wrecking decision to travel to the Big Apple for a J1, by myself.

Originally, I booked a room in a shared apartment in Harlem, long story short let’s just say it turned out to be any J1’ers worst nightmare. After doing some research, I came across the J1Accom Page on Facebook, I contacted Paul to see if they had any space left and he got back to me within the hour and I went to see the place that evening!  The Price is defiantly the best by far that you will get for the area and you can also pay online which is so handy! Knowing you have somewhere safe to arrive to takes most of the stress of moving to a different country away! (For you and your parents!)

Hoyt Street (Where the building is located) was so easy to get to! It is in the heart of downtown Brooklyn with the 2/3/4/5 trains right outside the door and the A/C/Q/N/F and lots mores line a short 4/5-minute walk away. These are all the main subways and you can be in Manhattan within 1 stop! You’ll Know if you’ve been to New York that this is IDEAL for getting to work as you don’t have to travel ages to connecting subways or even worse get the bus! This is also ideal for exploring New York on your days off, subways from here go straight to Coney Island or the Far Rockaways. Not to mention getting to and from Manhattan on nights out! (A cheaper alternative to taxi’s!) Shopping is also amazing there, H&M Steve madden, Macys, target, Adidas, Nike, MAC, trader joes, Duane Reade and loads of restaurants are literally on your doorstep.

The building is literally FULL of all fellow Irish j1er’s, and there’s just something about living with Irish when your abroad! Especially since I traveled to New York by myself, it made me feel more at ease as I wasn’t the only one in that boat and quickly made friends! There was also lots of opportunities to go out and enjoy what New York’s nightlife had to offer, I suppose that’s the good thing about living with a surplus of Irish … there’s always someone that wants to drink! Patrick Greene is an Irish club promoter and organized loads of events and nights out for us. Being on Patrick’s guest list came with a lot of perks, Skipping the line at some of New York’s biggest clubs, Yacht parties, VIP sections, free tables bottles etc. (Thanks Patrick, Sorry Mam!) He really looks after the Irish students that come over and who doesn’t like to think they’re VIP in a New York Club? (It’s great for your Instagram lol) One thing id like to highlight is the security of the building and how easy it is to get help if you have a problem. Your parents will be glad to know the building has doorman and you need ID to get into the building so no need to worry about robberies or anything like that! Also Paul is very accessible if you have any problems Paul replies straight away and is more than likely in the area and will help you if needs be!

I honestly think that being part of the J1 Accom group really made my experience in New York a better one. I made lots of new friends and lifelong memories with them, I loved it so much I actually applied for a graduate visa and I am now currently 2 weeks into my 12-month graduate visa, living with friends I met on my J1 and am still attending amazing nights that Patrick Green hosts. (You don’t get sick of free drinks and no lines!)


Kristine Brouder