J1 – Aisling Doyle

by Aisling Doyle

My summer in Chicago completely surpassed my expectations thanks to J1Accom. When we decided to stay here it felt like a weight off our shoulders as we’d heard of so many people being scammed by landlords and there was literally nowhere willing to take students short term. Brian was so understanding about everything and always willing to help out no matter what the problem was.

The accommodation was so spacious and modern, there was free laundry services and we all had our own bedrooms. We never had to live out of our bags or live on top of each other. Everything is made so easy by staying here with no hassle of contacting landlords and no hassle of noise complaints with just over 140 other people looking to do the exact same thing as we were. There was always something to do and someone to hang around with while staying here we were like one big family. It’s so easy to commute everywhere from the location. A bus stop is literally right outside the door that brings you straight to navy pier or two train stations one right beside the building and the red line train was two blocks away that went through the night which was so good for nights out with a big group. We never had to over spend on Uber’s and it was always way more fun. I made more friends than I ever could have imagined making if I lived in a house.

Chicago itself has absolutely everything you could want. It has the city vibes but also has many beaches and little suburban areas. It is a massive city but felt so small as it’s so easy to get around! Cycling the lakefront was definitely a highlight and so cheap to do! I’ll never forget my summer in Chicago which was 100% made more enjoyable thanks to J1Accom.