About J1Accom


We are Irish

We are an Irish company which provides summer accommodation for J1 students in Chicago, San Francisco, New York and Boston. We have access to hundreds of apartments which we sub-let from May to August. Based in Ireland, we provide a much needed service for the thousands of students who travel to the US each summer.

We have first hand experience

We have first hand experience of the difficulties faced by J1 students because we’ve been there before and we’ve learned the hard way. By providing affordable accommodation in a great location, we give J1 students a home away from home.

You need us

Up until now, there has been no ‘Go-To’ website or organisation for J1 students to find accommodation. Many spend the first two weeks in costly hostels. By the time they find a suitable place for the summer, they are late to start and down quite a bit of money, not to mention the ordeal that comes along with finding somewhere suitable. We make it easy for you.

We manage your accommodation

Many Irish students have been scammed in recent years by rogue landlords (ourselves included). There is no one to turn to when things go wrong and with that in mind, we don’t just give you a home to live in, we also create a thriving community of Irish J1ers for you to live with while exploring your new city.